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We had an incredible time celebrating everyone’s outstanding achievements in the warm weather of Mexico in March 2024. From the opening ceremony to the last goodbyes, the trip was packed full of transformative experiences. We had a great time exploring historic Tulum, experiencing the aquatic wonders of cenotes, relaxing poolside with friends at the NGL cabanas, and enjoying an afternoon over 18 holes at the El Camaleón golf course. 

Most of all we cherish the opportunity to create and strengthen our connection to everyone we have the privilege to partner with. Relationships are the foundation of how we can grow together as not only partners, but as friends and family. Our lives are truly enriched by all our magnificent agents and the work they do to make people’s lives better. It is their extraordinary accomplishments that makes all this possible and we couldn’t be more thankful they represent us. 

We hope to see you at next year’s trip so we can create more wonderful memories together!

"This is my second trip with NGL and I don’t know if I could pick one trip over the other but this has been wonderful. We’re in Riviera Maya, where everything has been top notch, so easy, and the people are friendly. Everything is so organized, and they give us so much free time! So often on trips they have everything planned for us, and here we have a plan, but they give us so much free time that we really get to stop and reap the rewards of your hard work."

Rhonda Bills

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